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Small-scale partnerships in school education Erasmus+ projects:

A Natureza vai à Escola - 2021-2-PT01-KA210-SCH-000050014

O projeto "A Natureza vai à Escola" ("Nature into School") visa promover a equidade de oportunidades em termos de aprendizagem através de brincadeira livre e na natureza e/ou ao ar-livre com elementos naturais para todas as crianças, em especial as com menos oportunidades. A Inclusão e Diversidade na educação são foco neste projeto visto que pretendemos alcançar profissionais de educação de instituições sociais que educam e cuidam de crianças de famílias com menos oportunidades.

O projeto consiste num programa de:
*Formação de educadores de instituições sociais
*Partilha de conhecimentos e experiência em aprendizagens outdoor e brincadeira livre para cocriação de abordagem para aumento da qualidade da Educação e Cuidados na Primeira Infância
*Sensibilização ambiental.
Ao longo de 24 meses, incluirá 8 Atividades de Formação (5 presenciais: 4 em Portugal e 1 na Turquia; 3 online), 5
Eventos de Disseminação (3 presenciais em Portugal e 2 online) e 3 Reuniões Transnacionais.

A parceira multinacional entre N.E.W. Loops, PLAYING, NewPa, OBA e a creche/pré-escolar "O Caracol" do Centro Comunitário de Estoi e colaboração de Learning in Nature e Wondering Schools, dará respostas para o desenvolvimento de educação de elevada qualidade na primeira infância, especialmente em instituições sociais que cuidam crianças com menos oportunidades, assim como, contribuirá para consciencialização ambiental e mitigação das alterações climáticas através de educação ambiental.
Desenvolvimento do Guia metodológico e vídeo sobre “Conectar a Escola à Natureza" para oferecer sessões de
sensibilização para a importância da abordagem criada no projeto.

The project "Nature into School" aims to promote equal opportunities in terms of learning through free play and in nature and/or outdoors with natural elements for all children, especially those with fewer opportunities. Inclusion and Diversity in education are the focus of this project as we aim to reach education professionals from social institutions that educate and care for children from families with fewer opportunities.

The project consists of a program of:
*Training educators from social institutions;
*Sharing of knowledge and experience in outdoor learning and free play to co-create an approach to improving the quality of Early Childhood Education and Care, and
*Environmental awareness.
Over 24 months, it will include 8 Training Activities (5 in-person: 4 in Portugal and 1 in Turkey; 3 online), 5 Dissemination Events (3 in-person in Portugal and 2 online), and 3 Transnational Meetings.

The multinational partnership between N.E.W. Loops, PLAYING, NewPa, OBA and "O Caracol" - Centro Comunitário de Estoi and with collaboration of Learning in Nature and Wondering Schools,will provide answers to the development of high-quality early childhood education, especially in social institutions that care for children with fewer opportunities, as well as contribute to environmental awareness and climate change mitigation through environmental education.
Development of the Methodological Guide and video on “Connecting School to Nature” to offer sessions to raise
awareness of the importance of the approach created in the project.


Empowering Young Kids to Act on Climate Change


The project aim to raise awareness of teachers in pre-school institutions about climate change and to establish a strategy and toolkit through effective tools for young children such as games and drama, and to develop the ability to adapt and take precautions against climate change. Moreover we will start a partnership for future activities and get more experience about Erasmus + opportunities.

The main activities of the project are:
3-day climate change adaptation and sustainability training course in Finland;
5-day creative drama and play-based learning training course for adaptation to climate change in Turkey;
Climate change education toolkit for educators;
Climate change adaptation and sustainability in kindergartens Policy document;
2-day project meeting in Portugal;
Online dissemination activity and other local dissemination activities run by all partners.

Results expect of the project:
1- Preparation of Climate Change Education Toolkit
2- 'Children Act on Climate Change' Policy for Kindergartens
3- Short videos shot during training courses and meeting
4- Online dissemination activity
5- Planted trees to reduce carbon print during travels.
6- Certificates and signature lists
7- A partnership and network
8- Experience on Erasmus +
9- Know more about climate change education


European Youth Exchange - Heterotopia Tour - An ECO Idea(l) in Action

Finally from the 5th to the 16th of July 2021 our European Youth exchange happened after we needed to postpone twice due to the Covid 19 pandemy. 23 young people with few opportunities such as economic difficulties, geographical obstacles, health problems, cultural differences, social obstacles, and educational difficulties  got together from Spain, France, Bulgaria, Italy and Portugal. During 12 days the involved organisations, NEW Loops (organizing entity), Viaje a la Sostenibilidad, Via Brachy, VulcanicaMente, Green School Village and School of the Earth shared their methodologies and experiences in the areas of active citizenship, social innovation, non-formal education, youth work, youth entrepreneurship, social inclusion, environmental awareness, and good practices in the field of environmental and social regeneration. During this time young people created a caring eco-community where they developed skills in group communication, active listening,  teamwork, making of joint decisions, non-violent communication, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution. They learned to embrace diversity and discovered interests they didn't know about and overcame fears.  Participants gained knowledge in permaculture, agroforestry, natural construction, natural cosmetics, ethical nutrition, waste reduction (garbage) and how to reduce their ecological footprint. They were introduced to new study and employment opportunities in the area of ​​sustainability, adaptation, and mitigation to climate change, as well as opportunities for Youth, Social and Environmental entrepreneurship and got to know how essential active and collective citizenship is with regard to environmental policies.

Agroforestry Systems - Regenerating an abandoned land

2018-now: Since the beginning of 2018 our Association NEW Loops is regenerating an abandoned land through Permaculture design and techniques. We are creating a living experimental space where everyone can learn, connect to nature and enjoy community. The project was kicked off through the necessity of finding an appropriate space for an European Youth Exchange, which was part of the project "Idea(l)s in Action" described below. The seeding process was then continued with two courses and the planting of two agroforestry systems with the help and knowledge of Bruno Nunes.

Idea(l)s in Action - A strategic partnership on social innovation and sustainable pathways

2017-2018, funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union:
The strategic partnership Idea(l)s in action addressed the issues of (youth) unemployment and the need to tends towards a more sustainable and inclusive development. It aims at inspiring and empowering people, allowing them to believe in their abilities to take action and to create the positive change they hope for their lives and communities. This project was at the same time a training program for youth and social workers, a research program based on experiences in active pedagogy and non-formal education, and an awareness program on social and environmental issues and a promotional project of social innovation and innovative lifestyles. It was a partnership of 4 associations from France, Greece, Italy and Portugal, it lasted 22 months and included 4 Heterotopia Tours, 4 large-scale dissemination events and small-scale local events. If you would like to know more about the project and to know what is a Heterotopia check out the project's outputs:

Urban Rooftop Garden - Municipal Market in Faro

In autumn 2016 we got in a partnership with Faro's cultural and artistic association Policromia and started co-sharing their space in the top floor of the Municipal Market of Faro. In December 2016 we then started our rooftop garden garden project based on the Ethics and Principles of Permaculture. The head start was a successful course of introducing Permaculture and the Creativity of a inspired group of lovely people from Faro and surroundings. 
The project than continued and the garden expanded through other courses (Growing Mushrooms, a full Permaculture design course) and monthly Permaculture gatherings. The rooftop garden included various wicking bed systems build from upcycled material and a small worm compost.